Euro bumper conversion, rear mounting question

(phillip keeter) #1

On a “US”, '76 XJC. I removed the US rear bumper and it is my understanding that I must now remove the bumper shocks from their housings. What is the process?
After removal of the shocks, there is some sort of “big washer” mounting bracket, that is mated in some way to the empty shock housing. This will allow the rear bumper to be bolted to the car at that location.
Can anyone explain this process in greater detail? I have searched the archives and just can’t seem to locate this information. Thank you,

(PeterCrespin) #2

Turn the shocks around so the fixing stud points outward and fit the bumpers to that. You have to drill into the shocks to compress them and use the bit or a nail to lock the two halves together while you use the big bolt to turn the shock while you keep a wrench on the nut. You only need the outer shroud reversed in the body tube. It holds the bumper up and down and sideways. The bolts holding the side pieces to theo body prevent the bumper assembly being pulled off backwards

(Robert Laughton) #3

Here’s a picture from the parts book.


(phillip keeter) #4

Thank you for the wonderful advice. Looks like there’s more than one way to do this.
I’ll try to follow up with some photos. Thanks again.

(PeterCrespin) #5

The parts book way wins -if you have rhe book and the parts…neither of which was true in my case.

(phillip keeter) #6

I was able to find some of the parts listed (SNG), C8676, JLM9685, BD44645, 209K, FW106t and F6106x. I am hoping that a local hardware or fasteners supply store will be a source for the remaining parts.
Thanks again for the help. I was able to install the front EURO bumpers and they look absolutely fantastic.