Exact color of jaguar s-type

hi, I have a 1999 Jaguar S-Type first series, I would like to have the exact color code of my car, there is a photo of the label found on the door … thanks

Hi and welcome to the forums.
Can you post what the lower set of letter combinations are, it is impossible to read the label from that angle.

PAINT HGG TRIM SDZ GP thanks for your answer

Well theres your answer the exact colour code for your paint is HGG, any paint shop can make up the paint for you, now if you are asking what COLOUR your car is;

ok, but the words TRIM SDZ GP what do they mean?

Trim is the interior colour

ok thank------------------------

where my post of rearview mirror???

What was it concerning?

the search of rearview mirror of S-Type…

Can’t say that I saw one but it may have been deleted if it was asking to purchase one. It can’t be in the forums, it has to be in the classifieds section, unfortunately you are not allowed access at this time due to your trust level.