Excellent XJS YouTube series

Checkout the Camp Chaos Chronicles on YouTube. He races and restores the XJS. He has a whole series on a V12 engine rebuild, as well as troubleshooting a screwed up electrical system. And he’s not afraid to show his failures as well as his successes. He really needs some subscribers and views to encourage him to make more content. Check it out.
Camp Chaos Chronicles


Will check it out! Thanks.
Have any of you seen Living With A Classic on You Tube? He makes it look simple removing fuel rail and restoring hoses and injectors.

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He’s got some good content, but it’s pretty variable in holding my interest.

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Both of them bore me to pieces.

Me too, snooze.
Does he ever get to racing?

The technical stuff interests me, especially his engine rebuild playlist. I’ve done enough wheel to wheel racing that I don’t live vicariously through seeing it.

I wish I had his shop and special tools.

Kind of suspicious … very slick video production, to begin with … and secondly, where did they find all these techs to come together in one place with such Jag V-12 knowledge? :open_mouth: And note, nothing involving the U.K. :uk: here …

Hmmmm … don’t know why that “Captain Chaos” reminds me somehow of our own Motorcarman … Any relation, Motorman? :smiley:

Spoiler alert: in the end the XJS from Texas has the engine seize up, so it’s basically disassembled and put to bed … :cry:

WRONG! Keep watching. They stuffed another engine in it and drove it to Pikes Peak and back.

The failure analysis they did on the first engine shows the dangers of cranking an engine over and over without it starting. Completely washed down the cylinder walls and locked up the engine.

Hmmmm … I would think such experienced techs would have known better then to not do that … ? :confused:

I sure didn’t see those episodes. I thought this was a brand new series, btw, started earlier this year? How did they have the time to put together all these episodes in such a short time span? :confused:

They put most of the episodes out last year. You need to oo to that specific channel to see all of the episodes.
They were trying to trace a very illusive electrical problem that kept the car from starting. Modern cars inhibit injection on cylinders that aren’t firing to keep from washing down cylinders. XJS’ don’t. I view their experience as a cautionary tale that shows even experienced people can get bit in the butt given the right circumstances. I’ve spent time tracing issues like that, but I’ve been fortunate. A lot of youtubers don’t show their failures; I’m glad Camp Chaos did.
A couple of things could have saved them grief. Scoping the ignition system and the injection system with a very inexpensive automotive oscilloscope would have led to a much quicker resolution. They would have seen that they had ignition power issues and that injectors were firing very quickly.