Excessive heat. Help

Hi does anyone have any ideas why my heater / air conditioning is running hot all the time. ?
Luckily it winter here🥵

Hi Nina. It looks like you have not received any responses so I will give it a try. My only experience with S types is with pre facelift models. Both of the ones I owned had problems with blowing cold air only on the passenger side and the fix was a replacement heater valve. I see no reason why the valve could not also fail in the heat only position so my first plan of attack would be to check the electrical connections to the valve and if they were intact I would change out the valve. It has been over 15 years since my experience and how I tested is long forgotten. I do remember that access to the valve is not easy. Hopefully others will chime in with some advice.

Hi Geoff thank you for the advice, I’ll check it out. I have a 2006 3lt auto. Great car. Luckily just little niggles to date. I am waiting for the weather to warm up to tackle replacing a reverse sensor, just had a bulb go so that was easy and now the heat so hopefully that’s my 3 in a row.
I disconnected the battery yesterday as it has been recommended to see if it can reset it. But that sounds to easy. I’ll take her out tomorrow and see
Thanks again

Did you get it sorted out?

Not sorted yet. I’ll have to see if I can get it booked in somewhere.
Fingers crossed it’s a simple job.
Thanks you for checking.

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The upper pipe gets hot but the lower one is cold.
Ill need to look around for a garage to help.

If you don’t need the heat for warmth, this is a temporary fix, until you can get a permanent repair.
Get a pipe, copper or whatever material, that will slide inside the 2 hoses. Then slide both hoses together, and use a worm gear clamp on both sides.
This is only a temporary fix.
Hope you find this information helpful.

hi .thanks for the tip.