Exhaust Blaaassssss

(PeteWilletts) #1

I have a standard exhaust system and hate the sound , or rather lack thereof. standard maniflolds/downpipes/NOS muffler/std resonators… where is the sound?? its BLAAAAA …need some drone here…??

(69 FHC ) #2

Until I ditched the stock mufflers in favor of turbo-pack mufflers on the 2+2 I thought the car sounded about like a 63 Ford Falcon; that is, nothing worth waiting around to hear it run. The turbo-packs gave it a nice low key growl without being obnoxious.

(PeteWilletts) #3

where do I get turbo packs

(69 FHC ) #4


See page 140. I bought ones a bit shorter than the body of the stock mufflers and had the local exhaust shop make up adaptors to mate to the stock diameter pipes. I also had to fabricate brackets to hang he mufflers from the stock mounting points.

(abowie) #5

Remove your muffler. Hammer a piece of 1/2" reinforcing rod into the inlet and keep going until it comes out the rear outlet. Then pull the rod out and repeat for the other side. You now have a sports muffler. VROOOMM

(Erica Moss) #6

The Classic Fabs systems have some notes



(Pascal G) #7

My V12 only has a pair of glasspacks It s a used exhaust system i got almost 20 years ago… sounds great without being obnoxious

(DINO) #8

Just go to you local shop and have them build a stainless system. I have headers so we uprated the size to 2 1/4 inch from front to back. 2 resonators in the middle and 2 long tips. Sounds pretty good.

(Erica Moss) #9

Apt license plate …

(PeteWilletts) #10

are you serious…

(Robin O'Connor) #11

Probably is :)…

(Ole Würtz) #12

My thought exactly.
I’d already invested in a SS system from Bell (I believe) and wasn’t prepared to ditch it and buy another one.
I ended up deleting the rear resonator/muffler and replacing it with straight 2" SS pipes.
Looks original, sounds better AND saves weight !
I don’t have a sound file uploaded to YouTube, but the sound is deeper and raspier (if that’s a word).

(TheoSoares) #13

My Mk2 has a 4.2 and I had the same complaint. Replaced the stock silencer with Magnaflow straight-through 2"ers off the shelf. Sounds mean now! Low rumble at idle and growl under throttle.

(Benny) #14

The only thing I changed was the resonators to Ansa, sound is a mellow growl. Sounds like a Ferrari.CIMG0982|666x500

(Benny) #15

Picture didn’t upload

(Steve) #16

Sounds great! Why did you walk to the “starboard” side to rev it?

(PeteWilletts) #17

where did you get the ANSA?

(Benny) #18

Hi Pete,
Sorry but those resonators were purchased 40 years ago at a garage in Brooklyn NY.
I do see that Welch sells similar ones. Good luck

(Paul Wigton) #19

I looked for ANSAs, to replace my 50-year old Abarths, but could never find a set.

BEST looking tips on an E!

(DINO) #20

That’s where the throttle linkage is. I’ll never record myself getting in or out of my car… not gracious at all…