Exhaust Blaaassssss

(69 FHC ) #41

They sound like an unmuffled VW flat four with one plug wire removed. :smiley:

(tony) #42

They can defect you if your exhaust note is above a certain Decibel level

but it would seem most find a way around that

I note they have recently stepped-up extreme harrassment of OMG, and defecting their bikes is part of the deal

an official of the Nomads lives around the corner from me, a good fella, but some of his visitors have very noisy machines

(Paul Wigton) #43

Not in this country: AFAICT, there is ZERO, NADA, NONE, No enforcement of loud Harleys.

And most Hardly-Ableson riders, in states that allow it, wear no helmets.


If they werent American… they’d be illegal.

(Ole Würtz) #44

I agree. From a test ride after changing timing belts.

(Paul Wigton) #45

I would own/ride a Monster, again, in a New York heartbeat!

The angle between cylinders of a Duck is 90 degrees: that is why it is thought to be more plesant to hear.

The thrum of a Duck twin is reminiscent of the human heartbeat.

(PeterCrespin) #46

I saw many a beautiful bevel-drive Ducati twinkling in the sunshine as I rode past on my Moto Guzzi. I used to stop at first but usually it was the rear sprocket ripped off the gorgeous gold Campagnolo mag wheel. A couple of others were big end trouble.

Sounded gorgeous on straight-through Contis when running though

(Doug) #47

The second half of that missive (loud pipes save lives) is they swear that not wearing helmets lets them hear other traffic…over their 140 db exhaust. Huh??? These are not intelligent folk…

(Nick Saltarelli) #48

Given that constant exposure to noise above 85 db causes permanent hearing loss “Huh???” must become a permanent addition to their standard vocabulary.

(ronbros) #49

had 3" pipes up into 4" one each side , 7.6L hi comp. V8, sounded great for the moter heads!!

and for you guys that lived a sheltered life, back when young,dumb, and full of cu#m , rode an 80" Harley!

and when accelerating slowly in top gear,WITH some girls on the double seat, they would get giddy! HMM?

big cube harleys have a powerful torque pulse at low RPM, sound CHA CHUG, CHA CHUG, CHA CHGGA,

course the girls would slip back and forth on the seat!

one day i asked what you moaning about, “JEEZ i’m gettin off, with my legs so far apart!!” OOPS.

so actually the might single Harley Davidson ,single crank pin , had more going for than most dont know about.
for me all in a day of life!


(Paul Wigton) #50

Flat, or shovelhead?

And Harleys still sound like sh!t…:wink:

(Chris Fell) #51

That will help reduce the problem, and if the circumstances alllow, be a source of organs for donation. Win-win!

(PeterCrespin) #52

So, less “Potato-potato!” and more like “Potato-kartoffel”?

(ronbros) #53

HEY WIGS; 1931 80" flathead VLH, i was 19yrs old, and enjoyed everyday of life!

(Ed Overmyer) #54

[quote=“Erica_Moss, post:26, topic:370701, full:true”]
I noticed these on Ebay and thought someone might be interested. I also found a sound sample on their website. Pretty freaking awesome sounding

Thank you Erica! I was very interested. I received them from Netherlands yesterday. They were packaged very well in layers of bubble wrap and tape. It probably took 20 minutes for me to unwrap them. I felt like a kid at Christmas. They’ll replace the perfectly good ss system on my ots.

(Erica Moss) #55

That’s awesome! I hope it bolts up well. I was nervous about my down pipes not connecting up easily so passed on it. Can’t wait to hear how it sounds.

(69 FHC ) #56

if it sounds as nice as it looks it’s going to be great. It could use a few more stickers though… :grin:

(Ed Overmyer) #57

Not a problem. He sent a bunch of extras with the packing list. :slight_smile:

(Paul Wigton) #58

They sound AWESOME!!!

(Steve) #59

I don’t see a link to “listen”