Exhaust cross over pipes

(gordon heisch) #1

I’m putting stainless headers on my 3.8 mk 2, the 2” pipes will run into a pair of exhausts to suit. Has anyone any experience with putting cross-over pipes before the exhaust?

(gordon heisch) #2


My thoughts on putting a cross piece in is that there is no benefit to be gained.

The exhaust pulses in an XK engine are so close together there would be no benefit from fitting a X piece.

It’s all about the potential for any gains which also means whatever you do will affect the performance of an engine depending on primary pipe diameter, length, where you would put any X piece of H pipe.

Our collector is the most important part of our exhaust manifolds due to it being able to help with scavenging from each port in turn.

Check out our ‘scavenging’ video on our technical and video section on our web site and you will see the positive affect it has on the manifold and cylinder scavenging.

We reckon we have with primary pipe length, diameter and collector design you would be hard pushed to better the performance on your engine, unless you want to spend huge amonts of money on Equal Length Primary pipes for not a great deal of benefit.

Could go in to much more detail, but see absolutely no benefit in X pieces for the XK engine.

Even the H piece in the E-Type V12 was only there to balance the sound.