Exhaust variances between S1 and S2?

With respect to the exhaust system.

Are all the exhaust pieces series specific or just the tailpipes?

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If the catalogs are to be believed, the only difference is in the resonators, which are different for 3.8 S1s, 4.2 S1s (presumably same as 4.2 S1.5s) and 4.2 S2s.


But note that 2+2 exhausts are different from the FHC/OTS exhausts in that the down pipes and mufflers are different.

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What John and David said!

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Thank you all for confirming.

At some point, series 2 tailpipes were ordered for the 1.5 (which are not correct).

I was assuming the rest is compatible, but wanted to confirm.

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A nicer way to join the sections…they make then in all sizes, and for slip joints, too.

2" Butt Joint Band Clamp Exhaust Sleeve Stainless Steel 2 Pieces https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FWTQBL3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_QNVXYMW6ED3XHSAZAW8A?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

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Thank you, will look into those Paul.

are the standard pipes 2 inch?

I believe the standard pipes are 1.75”

I can’t make it down to the garage to measure, but is the ID of the exhaust system 2"? I don’t see that they make those butt joint clamps in any smaller sizes.

These might work though.


…20 character band-clamps…

I just picked the photo to typify the style of clamp, not to assert they were what was needed.

why “butt joint” clamps. aren’t these pipes fitter into each other…"overlapping joint "?

Hasn’t it been established that parts made by exhaust kit manufactures aren’t really compatible with each other even if they may both fit a Series(whatever) reasonably well? Like one may have longer down pipes but a shorter muffler and other might be the reverse but they are complimentary enough to fit the car fine.

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I’m not advocating the use of butt joint clamps.

all the band clamps I can find are called butt clamps. Just trying to find the right things

They make a similar clamp for lap joints but I don’t see any sized to fit the Jaguar exhaust system. The clamps I cited in post 10 above are also for lap joints.

I’m using Bell front pipes with Double S mufflers and tailpipe, with Patriot resonators at the back. Everything fits as intended. This was the result of acquiring this and that over the course of 20 or thirty years.

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Butt joint clamps, don’t they have a cream for that?

Anyway I don’t think they make those cool looking lap joint clamps < 2" I notice folks in other forums trying with little success to find some from the usual places, even fleabay.

Anyway this interests me because I have some new pipes sitting in a box that I also need to put on soon. Maybe there’s a gap in the market here ripe for exploitation!

What did you do for clamps, Mike?