Exhausting exhaust

I purchased an entire Jaguar Heritage exhaust system and am having an awful time with the installation. At first the muffler tips were uneven up/down and side ways so I exchanged it , now the intermediates appear to be incorrectly bent causing the resonators to sit too low. After receiving a new set of intermediates …same problem. I believe the intermediates should be parallel to the IRS tie plate.
The muffler is parallel with the vehicle.
The photos show how the intermediates are not parallel with the IRS tie plate and how far the resonators are from the rubber mount (1.5’ to 2") while being supported in their highest position with a scissor jack.
I know, they are not clamped but it will not make a difference , I tried.
At this point I believe it must be me…

Thoughts ?


These cars and systems were built to a… ah, generous tolerance.

Nothing there that worries me: you just need to beat/twist/shove/ curse it into shape.

Send it back. Get a Bell system from SNG Barratt or XKs (now Moss).

Yes, “curse” ! Didn’t we just talk about that last night ?

Seriously thinking about it !


that seems a bit extreme to me too. I will say my Bell SS system is exactly parallel with the IRS, but I am still intrigued by the heritage system and may have bought it if my local dealer didnt look at me funny when I asked about it.
Is there any play in the pipes after the mufflers? cant you draw the pipes up close and attach the resonator hangers?

The one thing I dont like about stainless is that the heat turns it a wheat color. my car will never see harsh weather so mild steel would outlive me, but it just wasnt cost effective when I replaced the system. although I did buy steel/chromed resonators and now the stainless ones are in a box.

First of all, I agree the darn things ought to fit correctly out of the box.

That said, how difficult would it be to increase the bend where I’ve put the arrow? It’s a hassle, but is it better than boxing up everything, sending it back and buying something else?


I have a ‘mild steel’ exhaust system (Walker) that I put on my car a few years before I decided to restore it. It has few miles on it and I have installed a new SS system on my car as I was finishing the restoration. I am keeping the mild steel system for a number of reasons ( will give my kids something to do once I am gone) .
If it would help you I can take a photo of the pipes in question and you can compare them.
The down pipes and mufflers are different on a 2+2 otherwise I think the pipes are the same.

Regards, Joel.

There might be some interesting comments on this new product from
Jaguar Classic on the e-type forum. I happen to love mild steel systems for their true sound vs the often harsh, hollow, noisy sound from ss systems. Yes, I know it varies and some are good, but still dofferent

I spoke with a sales person on the jaguar stand at the NEC show (uk) after he saw me taking pictures of the mild steel system hanging on their exhibition wall,i couldn’t believe the poor quality.
The very nice young man told me the systems were made by TMA in Manchester.( who supply most of the uk car market)
I did notice the system used compression bends and that is the cost saving.
Where do the big boys source their steel .
Jaguar need to up their game.

Not much play in pipes Bob. Yes, I can push them and attach the resonator hangers put the rubber mount is pulled down and everything still hangs too low plus the vulcanized rubber would tear prematurely (I did place a safety bolt thru it :roll_eyes:).
Just disappointing…



I would appreciate a few photos at your convenience.

Thank you.



It was exactly for the sound that I wanted a mild steel system plus the fact that it was from Jaguar. I’m all about originality but this one bit me big time…

I often complain about quality of the parts supplied and it turns out that Jaguar Heritage supplied the worst…


I’m leaning that way . I usually take the first week of May off to recharge, catch up with “honey do’s” and get the car out of hibernation. We’ve had good rains so the salt is gone and yesterday, after I realized the replacement intermediates were also incorrect, a couple of Cobras drove by ,then a half dozen of nice muscles cars, an old Triumph Bonneville (beautiful!) .
So yes, I may attempt increasing the bend.


I just (and I mean JUST) put the rear part of a stainless system on our car. Those pipes should definitely be parallel to the tie plate. My system is a stainless system sourced on sale from the Michigan “usual”. There was an issue, which may have been intentional. The intermediate - the ones before the final resonators which you have the issue with, were slightly long. Better too long than too short, and… they can be shortened in a straight section at the end with no collapsing slots to deal with.
So, some minor tweeks might be expected, but yours just isn’t correct. No amount of the supplier saying “Well, we never heard of that before…” will do. This exhaust junk hangs low enough the way it is for the 3rd world roads in the USA that we can’t tolerate a less than ideal mounting.

I found my Bell SS system was not much better. I took 3/4" out of the verticals to get them tucked up tight and still had to pie-cut the bends and rear turns to get them parallel to the floor at the flex. If you don’t have a hack saw and a MIG or TIG… I don’t see how I could have fitted this without a night’s work.

have you tried loosening all the muffler hangers and then tried massaging the system where it needs to be? maybe if the front of the mufflers are a bit lower, than the rear pipes are aimed a small degree higher and things would fit?

even with the SS system it took some fitting to get right, in fact I had to trim about an inch off the pipes from mufflers to resonators and they are still a bit too long.

but I agree, you dont want a lot of stress on the rubber hangers or they will fail sooner than later.

I hope you get this to work, I wud like the option of going with that system, although my SS seems to have mellowed a bit over a couple years, either they are loading up with carbon inside the mufflers or I am just used to the sound now. I would love to hear the Classic system in person.

Ok, I’ll ask a stupid question…the photo is a little foggy but are you sure you have those pipes fitted the correct way round?

Pretty sure Les. How/which way do you believe they should be ?


Yours are installed the same way mine are. But I just went down and looked at mine and the first downward bend after the mufflers seems to be less dramatic than on the pipes in your picture.

Hi Marco…i assume the intermediate pipes cannot sit parallel to the irs becaus the first bend touches the irs plate…if so can the pipes not be moved more towards the front of the car or the center silencers moved to the front