Exhausting exhaust

Very possible confirming these intermediates are defective.

An optical illusion from the angle of the photo. There is clearance , they do not touch.


Hi Marco…so what is actually stopping you lifting the resonators up…are all the mounts loose or fixed and are pipe clamps loose

They are lifted as much as they can go without exerting pressure on the muffler and pipes themselves.
I believe that the short section of the intermediate that slips on the muffler is not parallel to the long ovalized part of the intermediate.


Based on these recent exhaust threads, I’ve come to a conclusion on what I’m going to do If/when I’m in the position of replacing an E-type exhaust in the future.

I think I’m just going to buy the mufflers and resonators that I want, position them where they should be, and then have my local exhaust shop connect the dots.

I have a very good (semi famous) custom exhaust shop near me, and I’m always surprised how reasonable their prices are. They have a computer-controlled tubing bender that they can run your original tubes through, to create a perfect replica of them…so, if you had a good-fitting exhaust to begin with that was past its best, you’d effectively get a 3D copy of it in new tubing.

After wrestling with too damn many ‘factory’ systems, that is what I did.

My local muffler shop did great work, faster than I could and I saved time, made more money, and had a WAAAY lower level of frustration.

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I’ve installed all versions latelty…
A hammer,rubber mallet and cutting tools were needed on all.
The bell stainless was overall BETTER but I have mild steel on my red car for a better sound.
Having a custom set built for the coupe, will tell soon…

I just finished wrestling a Bell system into my 67 S1 2+2. The pipes and mufflers all fit fairly nicely, it was the stainless muffler brackets that gave me fits. The brackets were simply too wide side to side to fit inside the stock hangers. I finally went down to MIDAS, bought some thick laminated rubber flex straps and made do. I will fine tune after some shakedown runs. Sometimes what should be simple just becomes mind numbing.

I have taken some pictures and measured the pipe between the mufflers and resonators. I will post them for your use, the measurements are in inches. I set the pipes level (horizontal) so the angle measurements are from horizontal. Hope these help.

These are the measurements I made.

Picture of the pipes. The front of the pipes (muffler attach) is at the bottom of the photo.

Photo of the right side of the pipes, the front is to the right.

The left side of the pipes, the front is to the left. Notice the front is horizontal as is the middle of the pipe and the distal end (resonator end) is angled up.

Regards, Joel.

Good move. Always let the pro’s do it unless you love being frustrated…

Great technical info and photos !

Thank you very much Joel !


It might be helpful to measure how much lower the longer horizontal center section is compared to the horizontal section that attaches to the mufflers.enters the mufflers. The distance indicated by my red arrow.


Absolutely. I actually focused on the same offeset but from the top (same thing).

The offset, from the surface the main body of the pipe rests on to the bottom of the front of the pipe (inlet) is approx. 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. One is 1/2 and the other is 3/4 an inch.
Also each pipe has a piece of strap steel welded to it at about the forward 1/3 and holes to fasten them together once installed.
If other measurements are needed let me know.
John, how did you get the arrow and black marks on the posting, is it a special program?
As I look at Marco’s first photo the front of his pipe and the mid section have more of an angle then my pipe. It appears that if the angle was not so great the pipe would position as it needs to so the pipes would parallel with the bottom of the IRS and then the resonators would probably mount properly.

Regards, Joel.

Notice the pools of oils from rear crank to transmission drain plug.
Its all part of the game!

I cut the ends off the bell mufflers hangers and also am usng home built isolators.

I’m seconding Les’s comment. Are you sure you have the correct system and/or have you installed it correctly. Check a schematic to ensure the entire system is installed in the correct orientation. I found having the entire system from the exhaust manifolds on only loosely fitted allows the most adjustment. Once it all lines up then you can tighten it all down.

Instead of increasing the bend your arrow points to, could you decrease the bend of the curve closest to the muffler? That would result in a tighter fit and a bit more ground clearance on road dips. I’d think any decent muffler shop could do it for you cheap. I think my old Falcon SS system is fully parallel to the tie plate.


Maybe its me but does the long part of those pipes have a round section vs oval ?


If I understand correctly that could bring the short piece (3.75" at 13 deg in Joel’s dwg) a little closer , if not too close, to the IRS tie plate but definitely worth a look.


The section under the tie plate (the long part) is oval.


Thank you Joel …