Expansion tank series one from usuals?

Are the repro expansion tanks ok?

I just tried cleaning up the black paint from the PO and mines brazed up in three places plus, it’s little ratty looking. Considering the price of tanking and pressure testing it, if the repro s are ok I should probably get one

Check out Chuck Hadley’s YouTube videos (Monocoque Metalworks). He has done a few posts on a S1’s expansion tank. Might help you decide.

If you want to spend a little money this is the one to get. High quality construction and looks beautiful.

Otherwise you probably can’t go wrong with a stainless version from the usuals.

I ran a “regular” one from SNG or Moss for three years/15000 miles and had no issues with it. But it was not very attractive. You can have it for the cost of shipping - PM me for photos if interested.

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I have pre-ordered a lot of parts for my 63 FHC project from SNG. I get them, open them up, look for obvious problems, then they go on the shelf for later installation. I have the SNG header tank and it certainly passed my initial inspection. One caveat. The expansion tank is one of several items in the engine compartment that if “correct” are painted with a silver hammertone paint. If you search on “hammertone” in the Authenticity Guide you’ll get about 5 items that came with that paint. SNG has their version of silver hammertone that they use. If you get all these parts from them, they will match. If you mix them up with different suppliers or your own rattlecan efforts, I suspect you will spot the differences. Stuff like that drives me crazy. As would a chrome plated expansion tank.

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That truly is so much better looking than the stock “bread loaf” tank!

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The one I purchased 6 years ago was stored away after a casual look over. That turned out to be a big mistake. When I began fitting this year I found that the captive nuts were 3/16 off on center spacing meaning all of the other components do not line up. Additionally it was 1/4" narrower end to end on mounting overall.Have your measuring devices at hand when you look over the purchase, cannot be returned later on.Came from a regularJaguar parts source.

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Hi Bill, The reproduction tanks are clearly functional however the butting flange is much to wide. SNG has them for $210. I have a NOS tank in the factory box that is near mint condition. At 72, I am trying to keep my kids from having to deal with all my STUFF. PM me if interested, I will sell it for not much more than SNGs. Plus you will see the correct color of silver hammertone…


From what I have read, some replacement tanks do not have the crossover pipe inside, that pipe should be there for best operation.

The stainless tank that Moss sells for around $200 is very nice, except that the position of the mounting nuts can be a little off, requiring some fiddling.

Yes, it has the proper cross over tube.

That bling is why you built the jeepuar ……hot rods ……won’t stay like that for long

Absolutely, as I found out. I think I got my replacement from Terry’s