Expansion tank SII

(Eric Feron) #1

Hello all,

I am not convinced I want to fit yet another expensive non durable mild steel expansion tank that will develop holes etc.

Is there any current wisdom as to what kind of modern stainless steel would fit a SII ?

Thank you

(Eric Feron) #2

I am thinking of something simple like this.

(Dwomby) #3

Don’t you have to find one that can be fitted with a pressure cap? The pressure cap on my SII cooling system is on the factory expansion tank.


(Eric Feron) #4

There are 2 pressure caps on the SII. One in front of the cylinder head and one on top of the expansion tank.

(Frank Andersen) #5

The one on the front, the header tank, is not a ‘pressure’ cap, Eric - it’s tight…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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(Dwomby) #6

Eric, be careful with this. The cap on the cylinder head is NOT a pressure cap. It is clamped down tight and does not open up under high pressure. The only pressure relief point in the whole cooling system is the pressure cap fitted on the expansion tank.


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(Eric Feron) #7

Ah yes, my mistake. Oops.