Experience on 17" or 18" diameter wheels?

Hello all,
I am looking at alternative wheels for the XJ.
I started looking at the Jaguar lattice 16x7 (that i learned would require 6mm spacers at the front) and along the way stumbled upon other options that got me thinking.
I am wondering if anyone has experience with 17" (or even 18"), and widths beyond 7".
And that pesky offset…
I would not mind rolling the fenders a little if needed.
Thank you.

Just be aware that you might start to compromise the ride quality of the car.
Personal experience with my 3.0 X type, these come as standard on 16” rims, when I purchased it it had been re-shod with 18” wheels, the ride is quite harsh in comparison to other X types.
The only reason I can come up with is the loss of compliance in the side walls.

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It’s not only much harsher (with little benefit otherwise), it will also be a little louder.
The lower profile summer tyres like to transmit every small bump while the winter tyres are much smoother and eat up all the small imperfections in the road. I don’t think it’s a good idea, going far too large or too wide, although I get the look. Obviously you can drift better when the rubber is not wrapping around the rim.

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I have 7 X 15 wheels on my 73. When I fit 215/65 Yokos the ride was IMO fantastic. The aspect ratio change from 215/70 made a big improvement in tracking/handling. But of course the tyres were too short compared to 70 series. Stupidly, I replaced them with 70s again to fill the wheel wells. The solution is bigger wheels to allow 65 or 60 series tyres. Agreed that these cars do not have the proper suspension for the current 35-55 series tyres that are popular. So maybe 17; probably not 18. IMHO.

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My first Jag was a 5-yr old X300 on 16s. I was young and foolish - well, middle-aged and foolish - and fitted 18" XJ8 Pentas. Looked the bizz but tram-lined horribly. Settled on 17s as a nice compromise.

Fast forward 7-8 years I bought an X308 SuperV8 with 17s and quite fancied the idea of plusher ride on the bumpier roads of that different area. Tried two sets of X308 16s and they wouldn’t fit over the caliper of the supercharged larger brakes (stock, not Brembo).

In.three weeks I’ll be in the UK for the holidays. Rather than rent I’ve bought a 2009 X-Type Estate to leave at my sisters or kids places and it’s on 17s. They look nice but if/when tyres need replacing I’ll try dropping down to 16s. Horse for courses - form my sedans I want a plush ride. In the D there is no seat, just a thin piece of foam on the metal floor. I love both in different ways.

Look up Arnoud Bordewijk in the search function Eric. He fitted Penta X308 18s to his Supercharged XJC and had a bit f rubbing at the back I think. It’ll all be there. JCNA Slalom Chairman John Larson uses stock XJR6 17s on his gorgeous XJ6C.

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Thank you all for this.
I wonder if there was/is such a thing as a 16x7 lattice?

Yes. XJ81 (6L XJ40)

Could’ve been 8”?

The lattice wheels were a one-piece BBS lookalike. Bring aTrailer has a whole separate category for wheels so you’d probably find some Jag fitment ones eventually.

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I found a few XJS lattice 16x8, but I don’t fancy having to use spacers at the front for them to fit properly on the XJ6. So, now on the hunt for a matching pair 16x7 if they ever existed…

This UK company seems to make some very nice ones (at least, i like the way they look) in suitable sizes.

Long story short…

I drive an XJR/6 for a number of years. It had 17" wheels. I ended up using 16" wheels…for reasons I can explain later if anyone wants to hear.

The point I want to make, though, is I really didn’t lose anything in terms of ‘performance’. I think you’d have to be on a skid pad or slalom course to notice any change. In normal-to-fairly-aggressive street driving I felt like I had lost very little, if anything

If you’re concerned about ‘performance’ (in the sense of fast driving, cornering, etc) I have doubts that ever-larger wheels will yield ever-large improvements.

On a series 1-2-3 I think 16" wheels would be good…primarily because of A) the greater selection of tires and B) larger tends to look a bit weird on the oldie sedans…this being a matter of personal tastes, naturally



I have a set of 16x7 lattice wheels on an SIII. I didn’t need to use spacers and have no rubbing or clearance issues. There does seem to be a better selection of tires for 16" wheels than 15". The 16" lattice style came in 16x7 and 16x8 although both are rare in the US and I don’t know if the 16x8 were actually offered in the US market, maybe as an option. I’ve seen a few series I/II/III cars with 17" Jaguar wheels from the 95-95 XJR model, but I haven’t driven one myself to gauge the fit, comfort or performance.

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Thank you for confirming that Jaguar made lattice wheels in 16x7 and that they do not need spacers at the front.

So now that I have found some in 16x8, i need to find 2 in 16x7…

Or go with the beautiful new ones from the image folks as per my whims (a lot more expensive…) may be even 17"…

This is a very helpful conversation! Thank you!!

Pirelli Zero 245/45/18

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How is the handling?

On rails, could never break it loose. Now on 15" pepperpot wheels for a smoother ride.