Experience with Moss Motors Body Rubber Kit on a 420G?

Hello, I’m new here so please excuse any unintentional forum etiquette faux pars or stupid questions.

Firstly I’d like to say thank you to the many forum members who have taken the time to share their experiences, I’m new to this however I can already see how invaluable all this information is.

I have a 420G and I’m contemplating the mammoth(?) task of getting it fully restored (whatever that means…)

I believe a full body respray will be essential and therefore that will require replacing all the rubber. Has anyone had experience using the replacement parts below from the following suppliers?

Moss Motors

Limora (SC Parts)

Apologies if this has already been discussed however I was hoping to hear some specific experience re:420G parts and not just general supplier feedback (but that is welcome too).

Thank you :pray:

Hi, when I restored my 420, the only vendor that had factory moulded trim pieces was
C.O.Baines in the UK. Most vendors have you splice pieces and glue them together.
Baines was worth the wait and cost. Not sure if they have 420G trim, but check with them.


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Cmon Andrew, Hit us with a little reality on MK X/420G’s. I know you know. :grinning:

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Welcome, good start, good questions…but we need some more info sir :smiley:

The Moss kit appears to be missing the long rubbers that fit in a metal body channel and cushion the door shutting, they seal out air and moisture, come in 3 parts, one section is 12ft long

I have zero knowledge of Moss

Have had a 420G for 24 years and gradually doing all the seals, which I have acquired from various sources

Seals for these cars are an ongoing issue

Baines have a good reputation

I got some stuff from Scotts Old Auto Rubber in Australia, I think he is still in business, does his own extrusions, and they fit, he is much cheaper than other sources but does not sell complete kits

Limora are expensive, I know nothing of them either

If you search the archives under “420G seals” and put in my nic, “awg” in the advanced search, you will find various pics and discussions

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Not me! But Tony knows a lot.

Exchanged PMs with the OP

Although the seal question is an astute one, we agree he is not quite up to the seal stage yet :grinning:

(note) half of my seals are still in the boot and have been for 5-10 years, so having them on hand is not a bad thing at all

One of my next jobs is to repair the very slim metal channel that retains the long “seal on body”. The foot of the seal slides into, and is retained by a metal channel ~1/4" wide that is spot welded to the body

Where this channel is horizontal, it collects moisture and rusts out

A sign of a bad repair 420G is where this channel has been cut off, and the seal glued direct to body :roll_eyes:

I will make a metal form about 6" long and will hammer form new channel sections

The rusty bits will be surgically excised and new painted sections bonded in

A bit like repairing railway track, mine is not to bad

Of course I will update the forum with pics