Extending the range

A piece in our local paper today,
The slew of improvements reportedly stem from what Jaguar has learned from its I-Pace eTrophy series — the single-make international racing series currently led by Kiwi Simon Evans.

“The Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy has generated a huge amount of data for us to analyse and those marginal gains, derived from competition on the track, are now being applied to customers’ cars to further enhance their driving experience," Jaguar I-Pace vehicle engineering manager Stephen Boulter told Autocar UK .

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…IOW, racing improves the breed!

Kiwi, isn’t that a boot polish :roll_eyes:

Showin’ yer age…!

Only in a photo. In the mirror I even have hair!:joy:

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Yep its what we use on our shoes to whup the rest of the world at some sports :smiling_imp: )