EZ Coils for Hose Bends

(Greg) #1

Just wanted to share, I only found out about Goodyear EZ-coils a year ago. They are amazing for 90 degree bends of hose. (wanted to edit: Gates has their own version, Unicoils, and they have smaller sizes than 1/2")

I’ve used them on my other cars where i need a tight 90 degree bend, or just want to err on the side of no kinks. I used one on my 1/2 Gates Barricade fuel hose, which kinks very easily, on my XJS connection to the fuel pump. Here’s a photo.

They are hard to find retail, I have only found them online. And I do NOT work for Goodyear :wink:

(Douglas) #2

That looks amazing! Could you message me where you got them? I’m at the same point in my gas tank work as you know and have been fighting the kinking hose too.

(Greg) #3

eBay. They are pricey individually, best to buy them in quantity. All different sizes.

(scrimbo) #4

Similar to springs used in bending soft copper tubing…could regular coil springs be used…

(scrimbo) #5

this would be a good idea for the front two fuel injector hoses

(Greg) #6

I can’t find any that small, they tend to be for 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" mainly.

(Greg) #7

I found that Gates makes Unicoil, and they offer 5/16".

(Robert Wilkinson) #8

They have a spline that holds the bend in place once it’s made. The copper bending coils want to assume a straight shape.