F-Pace undertray

(andrew brooks) #1

I ran into some puddles when Houston flooded on July 4th, after which there was a grinding noise at low speed. Came home to find the undertray was detached at the front and folded back under itself. Inspected the damage and found that the three bolts which are supposed to secure the front of the undertray were missing; in fact it looked as though they had never been there. All other bolts were perfectly secure. Very disappointed that my dealer does not consider this to be their problem.
Just posting to vent a little, but I would be very interested if anyone else finds these bolts to be absent.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Not to diminish your disappointment but it reminded me of an incident in the ‘80s. My boss purchased a new work van, after about a week he came in and asked if this was supposed to be like this. Went outside and he bounced the front of the van up and down. It continued to pogo,the top shock mount bolts had never been fitted.

(andrew brooks) #3

Update: the vehicle was due for annual service and I took the opportunity to speak to the service manager. Result was we determined that the mistake had been made at the dealership, they did take responsibility, and I was refunded the cost of the new undertray and bolts which I had purchased and installed.
No longer disappointed with their service, the lesson is you might just need to talk to the right person.