F-Type, Dull and Boring

I love this video! Jaguar took the F-Type to Dull and to Boring, and nothing will ever be the same.


As my Aussie friends say…NOICE!!

Summer of ‘15, I had the opportunity to go on a road trip in a friends’a warmed-up F Type: it was AWESOME!!

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Wow…the familial lines are unmistakable in that picture.

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I drove an F-Type R coupe peddle-to-the-metal at the Watkins Glen Jaguar autocross last year. 550 hp, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. It’s a brute. A beast. Terrifying. Awesome!


My friend’s has been massaged to about that level if horsepressure: still, Chuck Goolsbee’s M3 Z4 has better—no, make that THE MOSTEST AWESOMEST—brakes!

His F Type was comfortable, got reasonably decent mileage, quiet, except when you electronically open up the exhaust, and handled extraordinarily.

Id own one in a heartbeat, save for the $98,000 entry fee!

From the picture it looks like an “S”? Same as mine then, 380 hp from factory. Are you saying he tweaked the 3.0 to over 500 hp? How?? Mine’s coming off of warranty next year, so now you have me seriously intrigued. :wink:

Ill hook you up with him…he can steer you through it. Drop me an email.

It was suggested to me recently that I could probably do an even trade of my E for a new F. But I think a better option would be to keep the asset with potential for appreciation and wait for depreciation to catch up to the other. The entry fee can only come down, just don’t buy a well flogged one when it does.


2014-5 iterations with mileage in the 30K area are going for $35-40K.

It’s hard finding a decent S2 E for that. Hmmm. Maybe I should pick one up before my arthritis gets worse :smiley:

I highly recommend that you do! Just make sure to check the convertible top for fraying. If the car is out of warranty, beware that a new top is $12,000. They’re well sorted cars, even the first year ones. Very few problems and so much fun.

Likely, but I seriously doubt Ill ever have even the “cheap” entry fee for an F.

Im focused on paying off my mortgage before I retire…at 70.

Madness…I cannot even imagine it.

Oh man, given ‘alf a chance with an F Type at any track, Id be on that like a duck on a June bug!!!