Facelift Charcoal Canister Pics

I thought I’d post some pics of what the inside of the charcoal canister looks like on my 1996 Jaguar XJS with the AJ16 engine.

I cut it from the top using an oscillating tool. I probably shouldn’t have cut it from the top. A chop saw right in the middle would have spared the two filters at the top.

The inlet side (with the double ports has the mesh filter set inside the blue plastic screen. The outlet, with just one port, has none.

I cannot tell if there’s anything underneath that black metal screen on the bottom. There’s definitely a gap, but it’s a single piece that has some kind of center support allowing me to slightly swing it side to side, but without cutting more, not enough to remove it. I believe it’s just an air gap.

You would need no more than 6 cups of charcoal to replace what’s inside.


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BTW, I did shove an endoscopic camera below the metal screen and there is simply a spring clip keeping the screen floating about 1/2" above the bottom.

So do you have another one to replace it, VK? Or are you just going to go without? :confused:

I’ll repair it and put it back in. In my opinion its necessary. Car will smell of fuel without it when parked.

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Not uncommon in some circles to just renew the charcoal, you can buy it pretty easily.
They are kinda nice to have for fuel smells though some setups are worse about that than others.

Yes, I bought Premium Activated Carbon - Aquarium Carbon for Fish Tank Filter to replace it with. Oddly enough they come with filter bags that seem to be a perfect fit for the two compartments!

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Those bags are a good idea. I’ve seen a number of old cars that ended up with charcoal bits in the purge valve and such.