Facelift Radiator Leak

I have a 1996 XJS with the AJ16 engine.

Well, my radiator blew a leak. Wasn’t bad enough to force a tow, but enough of an embarrassment after leaving a sizeable puddle at the garage where I was parked for the day.

I got the radiator out and I’ll probably drop it off for repair/recore later this week. I had this originally done to this radiator at a now defunct shop a number of years ago.

Are there any “since you’re there” opportunities I should take advantage of?

Ask the radiator shop for recomendations.

  1. boil it out?
  2. Rod out the tubes
  3. Replace the core.

In your shop.

  1. Examine the belts and hoses.
  2. Check out the water pmp for wbble and/or weeps.
  3. Oil leaks at the timing chan cver.
  4. Clean uo the engie frot.


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Six or Twelve? If it’s a twelve you should do the front main seal since it’ll never be easier. I also have the fan shroud and that top plate powdercoated because it’s only like $100. They rust at the bottom.

The cost of a recore in copper/brass is so high now that all new aluminum radiators look affordable.

Thanks. It’s a 6. I’m sorry, I should have specified that.

Last time I had this done, I think 2016, I had the core replaced for about $450, all in.

There are made in China aluminum radiators for the 4.0 for about 275 bucks on eBay. I’ve heard they don’t last, but like you, I had a recore done and it didn’t last either. Worse still, the recore failed internally and pumped antifreeze into the transmission and ruined that too! I figured the aluminum radiator was worth the risk

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I bought aluminum radiator from Wizard Cooling about 8 years ago. Not made in China. Drop in fit. No problems with it.


Thanks for reminding me of this option. $759 right now for a replacement…I will have to check the price on a recore…but I’m thinking it’s gonna be about $150 price difference?

Was it really a three week lead time?

Well. When I bought mine it may have been more like 2

Just close this thread out, I went to a radiator shop today.

$750 to replace the core in the radiator. No additional charge to add a drain cock.

He showed me how the last guy that did it botched the job and that’s why I sprung a leak.

So it’s even money for the Wizard aluminum and a recore…that’s where we’re at these days. (I paid about $425 for the recore about 7 years ago)