Factory CD Changer: Glove Box Style vs. Trunk Style?

(RCielec) #1

Ahoy !
2002 S-Type 4.0L V-8 N/A.
Car has CD changer in the trunk. I read in “Jaguar Technical Guide; Jaguar S-Type Sports Sedan Introduction”, Publication No. JJM 10 15 16/92 February 1999 that "CD changer [six disc] in the glovebox. [Dealer fit trunk position is optional.])
Question is: Is the Trunk mounted style the same as the Glove Box mounted style ? If yes then, I’ll see about relocating from trunk to glove box. (Car does not have Navigation).
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Richard Cielec
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(Eric Capron) #2

My 2000MY has the CD player in the glovebox. I did not notice any wiring in the boot area for an alternative location although I wasn’t specifically looking for it. There is, however, the wiring in place for the navigation which I used when I retro-fitted it. I suspect that if the CD unit is located on the boot it would probably mount on top of the navigation unit. My car does not have premium sound so no amp. in the boot. Maybe cars with this option might also mount the CD in the boot?


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