Factory Service Manuals for MKVII/XK120

“Factory Service Manuals for MK VII and XK 120 models. I have three different versions of what appears to be the same manual. I could not find a printing or part number on any of them. They are all 9” x 11" and approx. 1.5" thick. Pages are not numbered, only chapters.

  1. Plastic comb-bound. Rear cover and last 3 pages are torn loose, but included. $40

  2. Screw post-bound with 1/8" thick stiff covers. Binding was taped at one point. $50

  3. Rivet post-bound with softbound covers. A little rough around the edges. $60

FREE SHIPPING in USA. PM me through Facebook. "

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Pages are normally numbered by chapter, e.g. A1-A20, B1-B20 etc.
Editions may be dated by the directors on the 1st page, e.g. Sir William after 1956, or reprints a RP1, RP2 on the last page.

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