Faded Number plate

This is probably a common occurrence where brake fluid dripping dissolves the lettering on your number plate.

I found what it should look like on the web.

Using Fusion360, I made the graphic outline. That was the limit of my CAD talent, So I generated the lettering in MS Excel. I found a font online, “Gin and Soda,” that is very close.
Then I brought my outline into Paint Shop Pro, a photo editor, and did a copy/paste of the lettering. Here is what that looks like. For some reason the periods disappeared.

Next, using clear packaging tape affixed to the non-stick backing from address labels, I laser-printed the decal onto the tape. This is easily smudged, so I applied a second layer of tape over the printout.
Finally, sand the plate using grits up to 600 or so. Peel off the non-sticking backing and carefully apply. You will want to use some double-sided tape to hold the plate steady. Shave off the excess around the edges.

We shall see how it survives in the engine compartment. It might be good to apply a narrow layer of some sealant around the cut edges of the tape.


Well done!

If it doesn’t last, www.classicrepro.co.uk make the only tags I’ve ever seen for the older bas-relief photo-etched style. Yours is just screen printed so others may supply those too.

Good skills. I wonder if a coat or 3 of clear laquer might help seal it.

On a do-over I might drop the second layer of tape and spray on clear lacquer instead.
If it doesn’t disturb the print.

Great job, you’d never know it wasn’t factory… but packaging tape, usually with a water based or hot melt adhesive on a 32 micron BOPP film, doesn’t react too kindly to prolonged heat… you’ll probably need to use a polyester based tape with a solvent adhesive

May try other clear heat resistant film as you suggest. Solvent adhesive addresses the coming loose when warm problem.

solvent adhesive would also stop discolouration over time as well.

I have printed out photos of decals with a laser printer, taped over them and then washed the paper away. This works for a while and looks good enough for most areas. Is clear coat that doesn’t dilute the graphics an option?

Every one of these ideas has merit. Only problem is the the car will be 2/3 of the way across the country when my first attempt begins to fail. I will still be able to contribute version 1.01.