Failed Throw-out Bearing

Just replaced my 4-speed gearbox with a 5-speed. Also changed out the clutch and throw-out bearing. The new TOB supplied failed within a few hours of driving. Beware…

Note: TOB on left in photo was replaced QH bearing. Worn, but still good. Center bearing is brand new TOB that came with clutch kit. TOB on right is also new, off the shelf, but defective.

Did you change to a 9 1/2 inch clutch, as recommended to all 5 speed conversions?. Those need a different higher bearing. On the picture i only see the lower version used on the 10 inch clutch.
Regards, Peter Jan

Yes, if you look closer at bar code label, you can see “clutch 9.5”. Thanks for keen eye sight, and keeping me straight. Need all the help I can get.


Sorry I can’t offer any help, I know as a long time E-type owner (16+ yrs 1st and 7+ yrs 2nd) that replacing that simple TOB can be a major PITB.

Keep it going!


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Hi, yes that is a 9 1/5 clutch.
But you modify to a diagram clutch for XK and early MK2 belhousings you need a special higher bearing,
I do not see that one on the picture.
Regards, Peter Jan

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘special higher’ bearing? The failed bearing came as a kit with the clutch. The bearing that is now installed comes from Denis Welsh in UK. Hopefully, it is the same as you are referring to as everything is back installed in car and running at present. Definitely won’t be happy if wrong TOB was installed.

This throw out bearing problem crops up time and time again on this site.
There are different bearings for the diaphragm clutch and spring clutch.
The photo shows the difference

Um… I see the timing chain chest: it’s been a good long while since I’ve had a Jag engine that far apart… but I can still say with confidence, that is not the picture of where one might see the difference twixt a spring and diaphragm clutch cover could be seen…:wink:

I was going to say something, but being only experienced with pushrod engines, maybe I was missing something…:wink:

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Sorry wrong photo. I’ll have another go!

Sorry Paul. I sent the wrong picture and couldn’t send the proper one I’m afraid.
The number of times this throw out bearing problems show up on this forum. The same mistakes keep on happening. This subject deserves a forum all of it’s own!!