"Failsafe Engine Mode" - 2000 XKR

Sorry to crosspost this, but wondering if there might be some folks here with a '98-'03 XJR who might be familiar with this.

My 2000 XKR has recently started to show the “Failsafe Engine Mode” annunciation after driving for a few miles. This seems to occur after the engine has warmed up a bit (maybe 1/4-1/3 on the coolant temperature gauge).

Whenever this happens the cruise control stops working. I hadn’t noticed a performance difference until today, but today it was around 55F (so figure 12-15C) on the drive to work. It’s been below freezing all other times I’ve driven it like this. No check engine light, but whenever this Failsafe Engine Mode annunciation comes on it also says “Check Rear Lights” (I have, they all work, including when this turns on).

I’m not sure what “Failsafe Engine Mode” really means, but I am wondering in this case if it means that the electric water pump for the intercooler is not working, or perhaps that it’s turned off. Any insight?

Thread in the XK8 forum below:

Read the DTC(s) from the engine module.

We can all guess but the ECM has the clue.


Will there be DTCs without a CEL?

And am I going to have to buy a scan tool to read those or is there some secret code that can get that?

An Elm327 off eBay.

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