Failure of central locking

I have recently bought an XJ6 (2004). Since last week the central locking has developed a fault.
It is an automatic.
When i engage drive the central locking engages on all doors.
When i select park and remove the key the central locking remains engaged. I cannot over ride with the buttons on the door, i have to use the key to reopen the doors.
Any suggestions?
Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Richard and welcome to the forums, I have moved your post to the correct forum as the X type is a different animal to your 2004 car.
Have you tried a double pull on the interior handle, sometimes thats what is needed, possible as a safety feature?

All four doors should automatically lock as soon as the ignition is switched on. Safery feature. The spec. guide says this:

For most markets excluding North America and Japan, the remote central locking system
incorporates a double locking facility for optimum security. All locks use the Tibbe key
system, using 6 elements and 4 cuts. The keys include ‘in-key’ transponders which are
programmed to the vehicle engine immobilization system by using the Jaguar approved
diagnostic system.

The central locking system employs single key access to the driver door, luggage
compartment and ignition switch/steering column lock with the exception of the valet key
which gives no access to the luggage compartment.

When the vehicle is not locked, each door catch can be externally released by the
corresponding exterior door handle which is operated by a single rod. When unlocked, or
central locked, the door latches can also be released by the interior handles, each of which are
operated by a single cable. Operation of the front door interior handles will also unlock the
rear doors. Use of the key in the driver door lock cylinder operates the lock by a short rod to
provide locking of the door latch. This in turn locks all other doors and the luggage
compartment through the central locking system. These locking functions can also be
achieved by use of the remote transmitter.


To unlock the rear doors on a North American specification vehicle from within the
vehicle the locking lever has to be moved to the unlocked position first and then the
opening lever pulled to open the door.

All markets (except Japan), have a ‘drive-away door locking’ feature incorporated into the
central locking system, the system is installed during manufacturing and disabled or reinstated
with the Jaguar approved diagnostic system. The ‘drive-away door locking’ operates when the
ignition is in the ‘on’ position and all the doors are closed, all the doors will lock when the
gear selector lever is moved from the park (P) or neutral (N) position. The gear selector lever
has to be moved out of the P or N position and to a different gear position for more than one
second to trigger the system.

If the vehicle is stopped and a door is opened and closed, the doors will lock again when the
gear selector lever is moved from the P or N position to a different gear position for more than
one second. If the vehicle is stopped and a door is opened and closed, but the gear selector
lever is not moved the the P or N position, the doors will remain unlocked.

Thank you for moving the post. I have not tried that I will tomorrow. I’ll bring a packed lunch and cup of tea just in case……:joy: