Fair Value of XKE's

I need advice. I was struck by a love affair with XKE’s about 50 years ago, and it has lasted. A severe case. Over the years I bought and restored severaI of them. I also finished several that started as coupes and 2+2’s and were changed to open 2 seaters. I now look in my pole barn and realize that have several XKE’s in various stages of completion and tons of parts that I bought over the last 40 years. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to work on them and am contemplating selling them either separately or as a package. I have no idea what is a fair price for them now. or where the active market might be. Any ideas where to begin the project of parting with them?

We’d need a lot more detail: how rusty, how “numbers matching” (people put a premium on this, oddly enough), and overall condition.

Bringatrailer.com and Hemmings are your best bets.

One aspect of a reputable auction site is that the market speaks to the value of what is offered.

Bring a Trailer in particular has been shown to be a Jaguar-friendly environment for both sellers and buyers.

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Where are you located? It might be helpful to get eyes on what you have.

I am in Pittsburgh pa. About the cars:
67 2+2 not rusty or dented Dark red ran Decent paint 25 years ago
69 2+2 not outdoors since painted opalescent white Ran when stored
69 2+2 converted to ots configuration. Completely redone on rotisserie
painted dark blue Interior not installed.
69 2+2 converted to ots configuration needs paint and minor repairs. Interior out
Tons Extra parts (motors, bonnets, front fenders, etc.)
Everything always stored inside (Have 2 story double depth pole barn)


As soon as I see 2+2, first question is manual or auto transmission. Large difference in price between them. Of course interior and running (or not) conditions mean a lot as well. The suggestion to use the Bring a Trailer site is excellent. You can review what real cars have actually sold for and view lots of pictures and comments regarding condition. If you are honest in your appraisal of what you have compared to what cars have sold for you should be able to establish prices. If I were 10 years younger I might be on my way over to your place now. :grinning:

I don’t think looking at completed car sales is going to tell you much. What you have is basically a collection of projects. If it was mine, and I was looking for a reasonable price for the least possible hassle I’d sell it that way.

Bring a Trailer is a heavily curated auction site. They strive for variety and novelty. They probably won’t be keen on letting you list 4 separate project car auctions. But a Goliath auction of project Jags in various stages of completion surrounded by bins of parts would probably light their candle.

The hardest part for you will be going through everything and listing and photographing everything, hundreds and hundreds of photos.

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The hesitation I have with the bring a trailer site is that to be successful you have to be able to offer a great deal of information about the condition of the car.

With four project cars I think that would be near impossible.

My suggestion to use BaT was as a tool to establish values for the cars as listed. Whether or not it could serve as a place to sell them is another matter, although the origin of their business model is reflected in their name. There have been more no reserve auctions of late, and Erica’s suggestion to sell everything in one lot would certainly garner a lot of interest.

Valuation of the two 2+2s that were converted to OTS is going to be very difficult. That’s a mod that will seriously reduce the value, and it is doubtful one would be able to find any comps.

Bring A Trailer…has gone way upscale in recent years. Back when BAT started they posted Craigslist ads from all over and it was as quirky as a Concour De Lemons.
It used to really mean “bring a trailer”. Ah, the good old days!

Now its like a listing agent for certified pre owned German cars.
Perhaps BAT might want to get back to their roots and offer a Jag 4 pack - Bring a Semi Trailer special. Doesn’t cost a nickel to ask them.