Fallen in to the Jag-lovers trap with a new Daimler Super Eight

Thought I’d better say hello as I might need some moral support along the way. After 150+ cars, I’ve finally taken the leap and purchased my first Jaguar, well, Daimler if we’re being picky.

After a 2 year stint of buying the iconic super saloons; Mercedes W124 E500, Audi C5 RS6 and the BMW E39 M5, I had to try out the Jaguar version too.

This is mine, a low owner supercharged V8 that I’ve read is the Gentleman’s XJR. It’s already popped the engine light on so it’ll be going for a full check up at XJ Services in Leicestershire before I can really get to enjoy it, but early signs and a 450 mile journey show early promise.


Welcome to the forum

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Very nice, one of the very last Daimlers, I hope you’ll get to enjoy the ride a long time. :+1:


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Nice to see you have such good taste!!


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Was this advertised on eBay? £16,995, IIRC. I only ask because I was tempted but thought in the end that the price was unrealistic for a 2006.

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Thank you Andy, nice to finally be here.

Yep, it’s one of the things that I liked about it, the best Aluminium body, amazing engine and sublime interior. Just feel its super elegant and timeless.

That’s the one. I actually did a direct exchange for my E39 M5, so no ‘real’ cash involved. I just fell in love with the elegance of this one. only 2 owners and seems nicely maintained. A really exclusive car and just fancied one rather than the other German super saloons i’ve recently owned.

Expensive! I was watching the prices of the XJR’s which seem high and felt this just had more stye and exclusivity, but with exactly the same engine.

Fingers crossed I made a decent choice :slight_smile:

Excellent. Well, welcome to the forum and Jaguar ownership.

Just drink in that feeling you get when, as you drive, you look at all the anodyne Euro boxes around you

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Enjoy the ride!

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Beautiful car enjoy it

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