Fan Clutch and other stuffs

Hey everyone, I’ve been busy and sadly haven’t gotten to work on my jaguar a lot. I found this website:
On the website the guy recommends replacing the fan clutch with the URO Parts NBC2215AA. People on this forum have told me to use the Hayden 2665. I’m curious which one should I invest in?
Also he recommends EBC4553 for the fan blades. Any other recommendations?

The EBC4553 is the black fan, I think it’s Eurospare. That’s what I bought.

Regarding the clutch, I’ve never had good luck with URO. IMO they are lower quality. Hayden has a good reputation, so I’d recommend them. About the same price.

Back in the day, there were issues with non-OEM fan clutches working with the yellow fan but not the black fan, at least not without some blade trimming or some such. Has that issue gone away? Does the specified Hayden clutch bolt right up to the black fan with no modification?

The specified Hayden 2665 clutch bolts up to the black fan no problem.

The trimming on the black fan was for those who wanted the heavy duty Hayden clutch. Can’t remember the part number.

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Alright. I will be getting the Hayden clutch with the black fan than. Has anyone hooked up this electric fan?

Is there a better option? The OEM electric fan blades are almost flat and it really doesn’t look like much of a fan.


JamesLove and his colorful creations make JagLovers (also initials JL btw) a lot more entertaining:

Check out JohnJohn1- he offers a very nice upgrade. He is a forum participant and offers many upgrade parts. Moss Motors offers a Revotec fan that includes the shroud and is a bolt in.
I did a SPAL fan in the OE shroud, but wasn’t a paddle blade. Moves plenty of air, but noisy compared to the original.

I had a shot fan clutch and the yellow blade with cracks in it. I dumped the whole thing. Used the OEM shroud with a Flex-a-lite for the primary and the OEM fan for the secondary. It’s a great fan. Moves lots of air and is quiet. I’m sure that 10” Spal fan would probably be an improvement over the OEM, but if the primary is good (clutch or electric) and the engine isn’t struggling to stay cool, the secondary doesn’t warrant extra money. Mine rarely came on and not for long.


The aux fan is useful to move extra air for the A/C system. It is, in some cars, wired to come on when the A/C compressor clutch is engaged.