Fast Delivery from Worcester

I placed an order with Worcester Classic Spares in the UK on Tuesday.
DHL delivered it to me in Chicago today. Amazing. They only work part time but great people.
DHL has something I hadn’t seen before, GPS link to the truck. When your package is on the local delivery truck, you can follow it around on Google Maps.
They don’t use shortest route programming though. He was about 1/8 mile from me when he turned away and went over to the next town, got back to me 1/2 hour later.

Contrast that with the US postal service. A Jag part I ordered from Maryland on March 30 spent a month sitting in Baltimore and then wandered over to Wilmington before it arrived today.

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I guess it works both ways Rob. I placed an order with them for 11 different items on Wednesday. Got a message back from them just after noon on Thursday that they did not have everything in stock and would be ordering items they were missing shortly, so would hold the entire shipment until the order was complete. I answered back within the hour that I would prefer they not delay the shipment and send what they presently have. I got a response close to noon on Friday that they would split the shipment per my request, and another response a couple of hours later that they had processed my payment and the shipment would go out on Monday. They said their courier should email me with the tracking number and delivery schedule. At best, I don’t expect it to arrive no earlier than the end of next week. They never have told me what they will be shipping and what has ben backordered. Nor have I received an invoice of what I’ve been charged.