Faster blinkers for 5 dollars

On my 1962 Mark 2
It’s been converted to 12 volt negative ground
Great news as I have A/c a modern radio and all the rest.
My blinkers though we’re always slow
I came across this brand three prong blinker non electric heavy duty and it now blinks like a modern car!
Hope this helps someone

Old canister with the hook new canister and it’s container with the part number
Good luck!

Thanks, I have two Jags that run slowly and slower still if headlights and fans are running. Being a bit of a purist I still run dynamos on each - no clout at idle. I will give this type a go, if I can find them down here. Paul.

$12.99 on Amazon AU, but temporarily out of stock. For any who might be interested.

I wiped out the supply :slight_smile:Only kidding, its also very quite…no load ticking when blinking.
Remember my car is 12 volts negative ground and I m running an alt.
It still should improve though…on your car.
Cleaning grounds does a lot as well.
Good luck
p.s this is not a MODERN electronic unit, they don’t work well on our cars.