Fault codes on '95 VDP P0122 and P01314

Hello everybody. I hope everyone is well. I have been trying to get my 1995 VDP back on the road after sitting for 6 years due to my late wife’s illness. I got the engine started with a lot of help from you all. It is still running pretty rough. I replaced the crankshaft sensor and the ignition coils, and the fuel pump. ( I did the fuel pump through the rear deck as suggested- a snap). It starts easier now but it seems to be missing. I got 2 fault codes- P0122 and P1314. I looked them up but I was wondering if anyone have any thoughts about what to do next. I dread the thought of getting into testing the pins.

Please make sure On-Plug coils #5 and #6 are installed correctly. Most people don’t mark them and switch them causing misfire faults.

Here is the DTC guide for your car.

AJ16_ECM1995.pdf (121.0 KB)

The TPS seems to be faulty or disconnected?(P0122) The P1314 is simply suggesting that the misfire might cause damage to the cataverters.