Favorite cars ...... that i like

seems like everyone has some taste overlap in their favorite cars… just fo s… s and giggles here is an imaginary dream list.
1957 Rolls Royce silver cloud
1937 Cord roadster
Jaguar xjs
56 Mercury 2 door hardtop
Sunbeam alpine roadster
Delahaye roadster
.,.just a few i like…i never was interested in Mustangs Camaros Porsche Muscle cars or even XKEs. to each his own


Interesting line up of favorites you got there. I like smaller cars in general. The xjs being an exception. Since doing the maintenance on my ladies classic mustang made me admire them a bit.

1957 Rolls Royce silver cloud… love Rolls’ power brake setup!

1937 Cord roadster … Good looking car, and the last of the breed.

Jaguar xjs… staying silent.

56 Mercury 2 door hardtop… interesting: most go for the '50/'51, but the '56 had interesting lines.

Sunbeam alpine roadster…I still prefer the earlier version, with the rear bat wings!

Delahaye roadster. The Saoutchik-bodied one?

The later one was my first car. I think they had to get rid of the bat wings for pedestrian safety or something. My '67 was one of the nicest cars I’ve ever owned, oddly enough. Not a performer – the 1725cc engine would barely compete with 1200cc MG’s and Triumphs, and the live rear axle was less than ideal for cornering prowess – but the niceties were amazing. The steering column was adjustable. The seat height was adjustable. The seats were among the most comfortable in the automotive world. The colored lenses on the main/dip beam indicator and the turn signal indicator could be flipped between daytime and nighttime use, so you could see them in daylight with the top down but they wouldn’t blind you at night. The cam-driven mechanical fuel pump had a lever on the side, so if you ran it outta gas you didn’t have to wear out the starter, you could just reach into the engine compartment and manually operate the fuel pump until the carbs had fuel. The gas gauge had F on one end of the scale and E on the other, and halfway between those two was 1/4 tank – so it provided the most clarity when you were closer to empty. And it had simply the loveliest sound purring along with the top down.

Oh, and with a dead battery, I once push-started the car on the sand on Daytona Beach with only my girlfriend pushing! That engine truly would start on the first turn of the starter, when the battery was any good.


I have some of those in 1:24 scale. :slight_smile:

Daytona (365 GTB/4 and 365 GTS/4)

Almost bought a Cord 810 Phaeton, glad I didn’t, it needed everything. Of the American cars I seem to have a soft spot for Cord 810/812, Auburn, some Packards and mid-1960’s Buick Riviera. :slight_smile:

Italians: Lancia Astura, Aurelia and Flaminia. Alfa-Romeo (1930’s) 1750, 2300 and 2800C8, 2500C6 and Tipo 33.

Bugattis (all if them, even the Type 40 and Type 55, and other less known versions.)

1930’s Lagondas & Invictas.


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Lancia Flamina: truly a handsome car!

Invicta: a car I have always lusted after!

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sunbeam in movie… to catch a thief…1947. delahaye from same movie

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Just got my favorite running again after an engine rebuild…1953 Arnolt MG


Wow that’s a loaded question, I can barely land on one but if you’re going to hold my feet to fire i’m going with Jensen CV8. Sean Connery had one and said he preferred to drive it over the Aston Martin. Let’s face it how can James Bond be wrong.?

i remember in the early 60s i enquired about one of those Arnolt Bertone from an ad in r&t mag

oh… forgot

as a poor kid in a small farm community (where Oliver tractors were built) i could only dream about owning something like a Jaguar… but the seed was planted by making model car kits… most kids made u. s. or hot rod models however i liked the RR and Ferrari models by Ideal… even had one of those larger MG metal models too by Doepke mfg

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Hey I made it out to the new James Bond movie on the weekend. I failed to mention I really like those 70’s DB8 Aston Martin’s. And as a footnote there’s an XJ-S in that movie! You have to be a fairly astute observer to spot it as you really only see the front end of it though .

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How is it at it as a movie?

And how did you persuade her to do that?!!

I had to do that, back in 2015… Right after I was coming out of the hospital for my hernia operation.


Car wouldn’t start, it was just the two of us, and I had to operate the clutch.