Fender vent box color

What was the color of the fender vent boxes on 1952 FHC 120’s? I have seen flat black and semi gloss black.

FHC bodies up through J2222 were painted in nitrocellulose on ordinary trolleys, and where they couldn’t easily get body color, such as the engine and luggage compartments, they did gloss black, sometimes with a brush. Some places that don’t show at all were just primer.
FHC bodies from J2375 onwards were painted in synthetic enamel on rotisserie trolleys, so they could get body color in a lot more places.
In between those body numbers, there were batches in either, as listed in Dec '52 Service Bulletin 114.
Generally speaking, you can assume that any parts that don’t show on the outside and were painted separately on a parts hanger tree were a gloss black. It was not a high quality paint, and if exposed to the weather it turned dull after a few years, leading to the erroneous assumption that it was flat or semi-gloss.

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Thank you. Our body number is J1377 so gloss it is.