Fender welting on a MK V

I am almost finished painting the parts of my MK V. I hope to paint the body next week. As I am starting to think about reassembling the car I realize that I trashed all of what I think was the original fender welting. Any one here know the bead diameter and total width of the welting originally used? Also an idea of total length used would be helpful when ordering the new welting.


I don’t have it available right now, but IIRC the lengths are listed in the Spare Parts Catalogue, as are many other things like the ”Sorbo” between body and gearbox cover, some similar things in the trunk and spare wheel compartment etc.


The welting or beading is 1/4 inch diameter rexine or vinyl over rope, and I think the only choice on width is 1-1/2 inch, that’s what I used anyway. There is a plasticizer additive you can get for painting it.

Ah as in, thank you. As I’m painting the car Black, I’m supposing that’s the welting I ordered will hopefully match. I had found 25’ rolls of 1/4” x 1.25 welting and was about to order two rolls. I guess I’ll go ahead and see what I get.
Thanks to all that helped advise!