Fender (Wing) Differences

(Mike Stone) #1

Fellow Jag lovers, due to severe paint fade on the right side of my 94 XJ6 (it’s a daily driver and sits outside at my workplace with the right side catching the afternoon sun) along with some recurrent rust in the left front fender I am looking at having the entire car repainted. The body and paint shops I’ve consulted tell me the fender should be replaced, as a repair would be impractical. New fenders are NLA from Jaguar but a few new can be found at dealers and parts suppliers. It appears the XJ40s used three different part numbers. This is from Terry’s Jaguar catalog:
CAP-521 L/Frt. Wing; 88-91 1/2
CAP-5123 L/Frt. Wing; 91 1/2-93
BLC-1161 L/Frt. Wing; 94-94
Now my question - what is the fitment difference between these three? I have seen some reference to differences in the hole for a side turn indicator (repeater) light, but that would seem insignificant for a US-spec car with emblems rather than the repeaters.

(Mike Stone) #2

OK Jag-lovers, regarding my previous post, is there one amongst you that has experience with the full range of XJ40s and knows about the differences between the fenders (wings)?


(John Pattenden) #3

Hi Mike.
Looking at the 94 finder I would say it is most likely that the difference is the hole for the indicator as it is different for each of those model years. But why not just buy the correct one? Is there a big difference in price?


(Mike Stone) #4

John, thanks for the reply. Regarding:

It isn’t price as much as availability as I am hoping to find a new rather than salvage part. New are NLA from Jaguar so it is a matter of finding NOS at a dealer or parts supplier.