Few C Type Related Pictures

In 2012 I arrived in the UK a week before the Goodwood Revival. I spent a few days with my old employer, Stuart Rolt, son of Tony Rolt winner of the 1953 LeMans in a Ctype. At that time Stuart was Chairman of the BDRC. The first few pictures are taken in the Silverstone BDRC clubhouse where there is a display cabinet with a model of the winning Ctype. Stuart in the light blue. As most know, the other driver of the winning 53 Ctype was Duncan Hamilton. The next stop on the pre Goodwood tour was to visit with Adrian Hamilton, Duncan’s son. Adrian (in pink) in the one photo is explaining to my buddy the petrified orange they found when they were doing a light restoration on the famous Ctype. It got dropped during the race and wedged under a seat. The story goes they would feed the drivers fruit during their drive. Flat out down the Mulsane straight eating an orange, peel and all !!! The plaque is a ballast plate that was added to the car. Engraved for posterity. Proudly located on the wall a period photo of the two drivers with their wining car.


Great photos and story! Thanks for sharing.