FHC window rubber question

I’m looking for some help with the seal that slips into the track on the back of the door window frame. I purchased this seal from XK’s Unlimited-number 18-0012, and while the shape is generally correct, there is no way I’m going to be able to make it work. The section that goes into the window channel is much too wide, and the seal portion is too thick. I have a friend with a FHC and his seal has a much thinner mounting section, which fits the door, and the sealing portion has a different shape that fits the rear quarter window when the door is closed. Can anyone point me to another source, and part number, for this seal?


What year/model XK?



It’s a 1953 FHC



Coventry Auto Components in the U.K. might be worth a try. From looking at their catalogue it appears the part you are looking at is the “seal in rear of door to the rear 1/4 light (2 X 14”) their part #6211 (BD269/1). If this is correct you might give them a try, I have had good success with them over the years.


It’s a tough item to properly identify; Another possible source is SNG Barratt at:.

Part # BD11030/1
Good luck.

Is this what you mean?

This came from either XKs or Moss about 25-30 years ago.

That’s the piece. Just wish the one I got from KX’s would fit. Don’t guess you have a spare couple of feet laying around? :slight_smile:

I had the same problem a few years ago when I restored my 120fhc. I could not find the correct seal anywhere. They are all like the one in Rob’s photo. Yes, it would be great if someone made the proper seal. Maybe someday…

Hey Jim,
I’m at the same place on my 53’ FHC, and I also struggled with the seal from XK Unlimited. By chance I was traveling in the vicinity of Bassetts, so I stopped in today and looked at his seal. It’s the same.
I really don’t know how to force this thing. I guess cutting it down is the only solution?
So aggravating to be so close to finishing a 30 + year project and have this hanging over me…

If you figure it out let me know.

Rob C

I just ordered the seal from Coventry in England. The picture in the catalog looks better than what I have, but I’ll post the results when it arrives.


As I recall the method was to smear it with dish soap and stretch it so the cross section is smaller as you pull it into the channel.

Same thing I did Rob. I put a soap solution in a spray bottle and kept the seal wet while stretching it out and sliding it down into the channel.