Figuring out the pulleys - putting the car back together

Working on getting my 65 S-Type 3.8 back on the road, it is a partial restoration that appears to have been in the reassembly stage but has sat for many years. Has new paint, interior and many parts, but without any details, mechanically I am just figuring out what is missing and what is needed. For the cooling system, I ordered a complete set of new hoses but for the belts, it looks like I don’t have the right pieces. The dynamo had a dual row pulley and the engine main pulley and water pump pulley are all the narrow v-belt design. Also the water pump/fan pulley seems to align with the outer front engine pulley and the tensioner and dynamo seem to be aligned with the inner v-belt pulley.

So I know I need a narrow vbelt pulley for the dynamo, but for the water pump are there different pulleys or are they all the same?

According to SNGB the correct fanbelt for your car is C19525, a 1050mm W belt. So your water pump pulley may be incorrect.

From your picture you have a Lucas 22804A C48 generator fitted. I think you should have a C42. This and/or your generator mount may affect the pulley alignment.


These have a pulley with quite a lot of “stick out” on them.

Unless you’re a stickler for originality you can mix and match to get something that works. You can shim the generator forward, or see if you can find a different generator or pulley, depending on what parts you can find.

I don’t know anything about power steering on the S Type, so If you have this it may make an impact as well.

Power steering for the ‘S’ is from a pump off the rear of the generator.

Going my my November 1964 build 3.8S MOD all the pulleys are the double V type and take a specific type belt. The photo above shows what appears to be an incorrect water pump pulley. Did late 3.8S cars go to a single V type system? My car with power steering runs the C48 generator and the gap between the back of the pulley and the front of the generator fan is only about a half inch.

So if the cars had power steering they ran a C48 with the pump attached at the rear?

My ‘66 ‘S” had the W belt.

If you need a V single pulley for the dynamo, I have several spare pulleys around.

I’m working towards clearing out all my Jaguar stuff, as I’m throwing in the towel on my '61 mk2 project.

Hi Dave, my 420 crank pulley had two narrow Vs. I have an extra one if you need it, it`s free just reimburse for shipping.


I believe that is correct. Did the smaller generators have the provision for a pump at the rear?

Thanks Allen, kind offer! my 65 has a crank pulley with two narrow Vs, my issue is getting the generator pulley correct and figuring out why the water pump pulley is lining up with the outer pulley on the crank and not the inner one like the rest of the pieces.