Filters for Velocity Stacks

Anyone running velocity stacks with filter caps? Just wondering what the best way to have some kind of air filter without sacrificing the stacks?

At some point, someone made spiffy little screen filters that would go on the end of the velocity stacks: maybe someone here will remember who made them.

Ask @JamesLove …

I just use a commercially available sock filter.

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Yes - readily available at Merlin and Rimmer Bros. / in the US as well.

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Hi Paul…have you looked at how it was done on original cars…hers is a JLR continuity repro…a large air box…the lid section is under the bonnet with intake from the air scoop…a filter can be built into this part…plenty of photos on google… Steve

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Got some screens

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Hi Steve,
Yes, that is basically the same set up as what is on my car. The rubber seal used is a little different and I wonder how well mine actually seals when the bonnet is down. If it did seal fairly well then I could fabricate a filter element to go behind the hood scoop mesh screen out of a good filter such as K&N. Just looking at all options at this point.


Some Garaj Mahal ya got there!!!

I wish that was mine. That is the Robert Hall’s place in TN called Driven Man Motors. He’s my new car buddy and the gent I bought my car from.