Final hurdle- wiring issue- tach, speedo, high beams

My project now drives. However I’m not getting any signals going to my tach or Speedo.

I believe I have not connected the instrument cluster wiring correctly.
Does the tach receive its input signal from the ignition coil? What colours are the cables coded in?

My car was a 3.6 auto. It is now a 4.0 manual. I have used the wiring loom from the 4.0 and have spliced the relevant cables together in the cabin at the end Into the 3.6 internal loom.

A further point, on my instrument cluster, the indicator lights are permanently on, when indicating they do flash. Also the high beam is not operating when switched. Could these be a symptom of the same problem? Is it also related to my tach and speedo not working?

Once these two things are fixed I am back on the road after a year of restoring. Last hurdle, please help! :slight_smile:

Maybe disconnect everything from the instrument cluster and try reconnecting one by one and checking every time that the item you connected works and try to resolve one by one ?
Unless there are +12v power or earth issues, the speedo, tach and the rest of instruments are unrelated.
Electrical diagrams and a multimeter would help…