Finally got an XJ40

Hi everyone,
I’ve had many Jaguars over the years and I still have 5 of them but not an XJ40, until last weekend! Finally picked up a beautiful 1991 Daimler 4.0. Needs some work but is in overall good shape.
Here’s a video of me picking up my new Daimler:

Best regards,

Hi Adam and welcome to the XJ40 forum. What is you plan with this car? Do you have a budget? I think those wheels have to be replaced and find the correct alloys.
BRG was my first color when I was looking for an XJ40 and the Regency red was the 2nd. I didn’t find the right car in BRG so I bought a car in red. Your car looks good inside. How’s the paint holding up? You’ll find a lot of infos here with a lot of helpful owners. Keep us updated with pics and videos. I also have some videos on YT but they’re quite boring and not very good quality plus my speaking skills are not as good as yours. My username is IhaveanXJ40


Lets see…

5 plus 1 Jags…

You almost one for every day of the week!

Thank you! The cars came with the original 16" latice wheels which are fitted now. My plan is to first get it fully sorted mechanically and then after that tackle the small rust patches and have that painted. The rest of the paint on the car is really good and will look like new after a polish. There will be updates coming soon!

Now that’s a good idea! One for every day of the week

Congrats Adam! I recently subscribed to your You Tube channel. Great channel. Enjoy the car.