Finally got the intake manifold to free up on the S2 hulk

For the past two nights I have been working on stripping the hulk E-Type chassis that I bought a couple wees ago.

Friday evening I worked on stripping the radiator and cooling system off the front of the chassis.

Then last night I worked on removing the carbs and intake from the engine. During this process my back gradually started to hate the Jaguar engineers who put all of those 5/16 nuts on the bottom of the carbs and intake manifold. After much struggling and cursing those engineers I finally got all the carbs, secondary intake and all the nuts off the main intake manifold. But even with prying with a large crowbar I couldn’t get the intake manifold to budge. Since at that point it was 2:30 in the morning I decided to quit for the night and go back home.

Today I got back here with a fresh outlook and with some hints from the forums that discussed how to deal with stuck intakes.

After getting a soft faced mallet out and sharply striking the top surface of the intake a few times and then reapplying the long crowbar I got the intake manifold to pop off.

I have a spare three carb intake setup from a MK10 or 420G lying about here so I think that is what I will be using when I put the engine back in the other car.

Except I will be using fuel injector bungs and throttle bodies instead of the carbs.