Finding it hard to go backwards (1985 XJ-S 5 speed manual)

(alabbasi) #1

My new acquisition has some serious shifter slop and I’m finding it hard to locate second gear. Can anyone tell me if it’s the top left , bottom right etc and whether i need to do anything to engage the lock out.

Also any part #'s to the shifter bushings will be gratefully appreciated. I think that it’s a Getrag 265 so I’m checking the BMW parts vendors also.

(motorcarman) #2

I always had to replace the shift ‘tower’ bushes on those old gearboxes. The whole tower would move fore/aft and made for some ‘sloppy’ shifting.


(alabbasi) #3

Thanks, any idea where reverse is? wooden shift knobs are great but they don’t tell you much about where reverse is.

(WayneC) #4

Don’t have a 5-speed, but did a little internet searching… this pic is from a 1994 XJS

on Google

(alabbasi) #5

Thank you, I heard from someone else that it was top left of first gear but this is progress!

(alabbasi) #6

Looks like they may have changed gearboxes over the years. This is an earlier model