Fire extinguisher thread on E Type forum

Have a look…a new type…“Element”, small, handy, works differently, makes it quick access, and easy to carry that and a full size Halotron…or 2. IMHO one extinguisher is only a fair start. 2-3 needed. A good reminder…don’t be caught out…without one, um er, I mean 3. . Nick

The “Element 50” is one-time use, and gives off for 50 seconds, which is quite respectable for such a lightweight hand- held. Makes handling, and moving from car to car a simple task. I hope I never have reason to test its efficacy.

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just a note Carlo…this type, the Element, is apples to oranges compared to the Halotron…both just fine, but different way of fire suppression;…so 50 seconds of Element is in a way not more of what Halotron does: …it is the time that is necessary for this type of suppression. Benefits are: …small, handy, no residue, can breathe it if one had to in use. But 50 seconds is not to be compared to the time of the is not the same method, this type takes much of that 50 seconds to displace the oxygen enough so that a re-flare is minimized…a disadvantage is that it does not coat the burning material…so if still in flame…oxygen can come back in after the chemical cloud dissipates. Always have 2…no matter which types. Having one small one does make that easier.

TOTALLY agree! I almost always have two 5-pounders in each car.

I just checked the price of a Halotron 5-pounder…GULP!

Gotta sell more stuff!

I just acquired a Halotron (2.4 lb) which arrived today and have an Element on the way (Friday delivery). After the smell of the white puff of smoke on Saturday coming from a burnt out instrument voltage stabilizer, I felt naked knowing I didn’t have an extinguisher if the smoke had turned into something else.