First paint. Never too early to start painting

Suspension parts. I prefer to get this messy part out of the way. Once I get to wiring and upholstery the last thing I want to do is cleanup and paint of the underpinnings.

2 coats of 2K satin black over epoxy primer. Plenty durable for the use it’ll see for the rest of it’s life.

This is the finish room in my woodworking shop (separate building). I can spray and shut the door, it’s got it’s own ventilation system. I prep/paint just about everything but the body and frame out there. Even door and fenders get readied for top coat. It’s quite easy to get a lot of work done when you can let stuff dry at the same time you’re pulling the steering column…

Ya think the seals & gaskets let go, or what?


Nice work!

(a man of me own heart, as my Irish mother would say)

My wife’s Irish mother said “dinner’s at sex-turrrrty”.

Nice part hanger system.

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