First XK120FHC for sale in Germany(?)

hi all,

Not an ad and no relation with me, but though it would be interest to show: according to the seller it’s the first FHC produced, apparently with some unique features.

No affiliation, not a classified.



Nice car

Love the detail that it was used to deliver post in rural Virginia for 20 years.

I think the fav detail of my cars history is that the PO bought it from a dairy farmer.

Only 112000?

It’s a present…

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679006 is not quite the first FHC. 679001 survives, owned by someone on this forum, and last I heard there were 2 cars claiming to be 679002 (but let’s not add to the controversy here).
The prototype 669001 was reportedly scrapped by the factory.

Find indeed the next paragraph odd: “In 1989 the No. 6 (???) was imported to Germany by a major Jaguar Collector. It was restored within”. Maybe the oldest one with matching numbers?

The last digit of the chassis number?

Maybe the original owner was D.B. Cooper.