Fitting a XJ6 SIII oil filter system to a XJ6 SII engine

So I embarked on doing that. My reasons are irrelevant at this point :slight_smile:

I first bought a conversion kit from a top Jaguar supplier.Now that did not work.

I then got a s/hand SIII housing, that cam with an oil cooler and pipes. Neat. This fitted well to the engine block.

Then I realized that the s-shaped oil return pipe from the SII does not fit to the SII oil housing. so I got a straihgt SIII pipe.

Today, I discovered that the oil feeder pipe that goes to the cylinderhead does not fit either, and there is no fitting for the oil pressure sender…

So, I need to find the right oil feeder pipe (EAC2430 or EAC1671, it is quite confusing?) and figure out the situation regarding the oil pressure sender. Any help and advice will be appreciated :slight_smile:

Does that help?:thinking: can you bend the tubing (don’t kink it)?

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Thanks David, yes I suppose I could. I just was not expecting that :slight_smile: Had the pipe zinc plated :frowning:

I would prefer the right part though at this stage :slight_smile: Looks like I may buy this from you too.

Would you have a photo of the connections at the rear of the c/head. I’d want to make sure that they are the same as the SII…

Now re the oil pressure sender, the picture seems to indicate that there is some sort of an intermediate piece, like a small block. What do you think?

Also for thenb

The pipe was plated, I painted over it, stupid as I am sometimes, but a little steel wool went a long way. It is silver, you did well. I hope you can make it fit!

Then. The sender is screwed into an aluminum block that connects to the oil gallery. So you’re right on that.

The connections at the rear of the head are the same through all 4.2s at least, that is, thin copper washers, bolts that are prone to strip and a pain to reinstall in situ and the cylinder head has the same dimensions, so the same applies to the feed pipe.

Mine is an '84 by the way.

I think it looks worse than it is and you just have to pull it down a little, from the pictures it seems by as if it is the correct part, bent upwards!

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Great, so I need at least that aluminum block and the whatever bolts to make it fit to the galley…

I have a Series 1 with Series 3 oil filter head and spin on filter. I closed off the Series 3 cam oil source point and used the original at the back left hand side of the engine block. All works fine. FWIW. Paul.

So it looks like I still need these 2 things to be able to fit the oil pressure sender.

If you cannot find one, Ill send you mine.

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Got the little adaptor block and the banjo bolt. Amazing how much sludge was as the bottom of that thing.

Also bent the SII feeder pipe to fit the SIII oil filter housing. Not a very straight job but at least it will connect to the c/head as it should.

It also seemed that the inside of the fitting that connects the pipe to the SIII housing was not shaped in a way that would fit the olive on the pipe, so I used the SII fitting.

Now a question, about the tubes that go to the oil radiator. See the photo below, is this the way they should be positioned? Anyone has a photo of the right side of their SIII engine?

Thank you.

Look correct, from my house!

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Scroll up, look the same as mine. Good! Bit of overspray :clown_face:
You miss hose clamps on the relief pipe.

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Ooooh! Good catch!!!

Ah yes, I have not put the plumbers’ collars on the rubber pipe yet :slight_smile:

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Not sure how to say it, en Fracais, but… we’re here for ya, brother!


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