Fitting chrome pieces front windscreen

(Peter Lalchere) #1

I have removed the front windscreen to replace the old rubber (the chromes were out when I got the car) …fitted the new rubber and put the screen back in …no way can I get the chromes in …noticed a couple of things …A …the original rubber looked like it was shaped like the aparture but the new one was not …B…the screen that was in the car is laminated …is that original ?..should I be trying to fit the outside edge of the chromes first or the inside edge …? …oh yeah the car is 1963 daimler version would have thought the same as mk2 screenage

Chrome strips around windscreen mk2
(Pete55Tbird) #2

The answer is out there ( check the saloon archives ) Pete

(Peter Lalchere) #3

thanking everyone for input on this subject …(once I could search using magnifying glass at top right of home page) I managed to fit the front screen chrome but could only lip the rubber over the inside edge of chrome and then rely on sealant to hold the outside edge (using many sticky tapes to hold in place) looks nice… we’ll see if the australian summer agrees with it…