Fitting Mk2 outer door window rubber seals. NEW PHOTOS

Hi Guys, I want to fit the door window outer ‘scraper’ rubbers and unsure if they have to be first glued to the chrome trim or if there is an art in fitting them without some form of adhesive.
Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

I think you will find they are just a slide fit that’s what I remember from my ‘S’ type

Thanks Robin. My chrome trim next to the rubber is the same profile as the waist trims using the same rivet attachments with no accommodation for gripping any rubbers etc.
The only solution I see is using some sort of adhesive, unless advised of some other way. Maybe my chrome trims were changed by a previous owner at some time.
Has anyone different profile chrome trims on their Mk2 than mine ?
My car is a 1964 3.4 Mk2.

1966 Mk2 - Clips attached to seal, then seal fitted by placing in position and pulling the clips up to the door edge place using a ‘U’ shaped hook made out of something fairly robust - 2-3mm steel.

Clip part number: BD22312

Thanks for contacting me re the widow scraper seal. I believe you may be confusing the seal I am referring to as I have used these clips to attach to the upper edge of the door to secure the non rubber outer seals which to me are more for an anti glass rattle. The seal that is causing me problems has a rubber ( similar to a broad wiper rubber) outer which rests up against the glass to prevent rain and snow from entering down the outside of the glass. Yes there is also a seal which I believe you are thinking off which fits below the seal I refer to in my post.
Thanks Eugene

I think the Stype had rubber scrapers which slotted in as you say, whereas MK2 cars had clip in type felts with a steel core which rotted out.

Ok didn’t think Jaguar would have changed the doors that much, I know the window frame is different and the door locks so probably shouldn’t be too surprised.

It actually appears to me to have been the rubber scraper seal I refer to had been a response to a design flaw in the the ? original outer seal which has the steel lower edge which clips onto the clips that ‘Tiger’ posted a photo of.These are used on both sides of the glass. The outer seal I am having problems in fitting actually sits on top of aforementioned seal rendering it useless and without purpose, apart maybe to stop any outward side movement of the glass.
I have checked SNG Barratt listings for door glass seals for the Mk2 and they appear to only list the very similar inner and outer seals with the steel bottom which fits into the grippers Tiger posted the photo of. No sign of the rubber seals I have which rest up against the door glass which all cars do have ( in similar configurations) including modern offerings.


I have posted 2 photos of the outer seal in question. One can see the ‘other’ outer seal ( BD 20010/2 ) in situ in the background of the profile image of the rubber seal. I referred this ‘other’ seal previously as possibly being of more use an anti glass rattle effort with little effect on stopping water ingress to the inside of the door.
Hope the photos are a help.

I have had to post the 2nd photo separately as it did not work first time.

This photo shows the contact area to the door. Appears to be just glued in situ. Could this be an improvised seal used by a previous owner ?

Right Guys, I have done a search for Mk2 Jaguars for sale, especially original ones for restoration to compare the door window scrapers. I am now convinced the outer rubber sections I took off my car have been an addition fitted by either of the 3 previous owners. On no Mk2 did i see any window rubbers resembling the ones I have. I shall proceed with originality.
Thanks for you input.

Hello. Some parts dealers say that the brush type is used in MK2s up to Apr. 1963, the flocked rubber type for later cars after Apr. 1963. I assume the date of this change is the same when the reinforced window frames started. My car is produced 1964, but I could not find any special parts to fix this rubber seals to the door. Indeed the brush types are there, and gaps of some mms between the brush and the window. Right now I am combining the new rubber and the old brush system, seems to work well. I sticked the flocked rubbers onto the brush weatherstrip. It closes firmly to the glass, the window can be moved up and down without problems. Next days I will glue the strips together with rubber adhesive. The contact area between the brush strip and the door sheet metal and the small gaps between the strips and the window frame will be sealed with permanently elastic sealant normally used to seal windscreens. Almost completely sealed, very little water will pass, as I hope.
Look at Thorleys restorersm guide MK2 page 74 to see a new door with reinforcements and rubber strip. Page 46 shows a door waist from inside the car showing the brush strip. I ca post ponly one photo since I am new here.

My suggestion: combined brush and rubber strips, yet only sticked together, not glued.
Good luck, maybe you refer some of your results.

Many thanks Ulrich for your input. I have actually done no further work on my Mk2 since my last post on this subject in June '20.
My car is also a 1964 Chassis 167781 DN. Engine No. KJ 5912-8 which may be close to your car.
I shall try your approach and see how things progress.
Stay safe

I will add what I think I know, my car is a 1968 and was fitted with the rubber wiper type, they slid into the chrome moulding fitted to the top of the door, to fit them you would need to remove the complete window frame and then undo steel screws screwed into the steel door to remove the chrome moulding, the moulding had a 1/2 round profile but narrower than the other door and bonnet mouldings at 7mm wide, they are not available and would be a real pain to get re-chromed, I am going to fit a different style of rubber wiper and self adhesive chrome strips that I have found on ebay, I do not like the idea of drilling holes for pop rivets in the top of the doors as we get a lot of rust in the UK without inviting more! I understand the earlier seals were the brush style.